Premiere of Parent Hood

The new television show Parenthood premiered tonight, for unknown reasons I watched it.  The show started off with the preview clip that was aired a million times and mislead me into believing I would be seeing a comedy.  With that said, the show felt honest, intimate, and well thought out.  The cast of characters is well varied and fresh.  I didn't feel like I had seen these characters in any other shows, but I did feel a sense of familiarity with each one of them.

The plot feels like a soap opera in a drag race. They are taking many plot elements and moving insanely quickly with all of them.  Within the first episode, I didn't feel like I could get a grasp on what was going on with any one of the characters.  I got just enough information to create a really sketchy picture of their lives.  The only plot elements I did understand I feel like I got beat over the head with.  For example, they made a strong point that the Amber and Drew Holt have a deadbeat dad.  One sentence on this subject was enough, having Drew go to Fresno seemed way unnecessary.

I really came in with the expectation that this program would be funny.  I found a few genuinely funny moments and they all came from Dax Sheppard, whose character is a bit of a misfit.   Dax is really amazing in this program and I would like to see his talents brought up front, the preview for the next episode alludes to just that.  As the show develops, I hope it can maintain its sincere feel while drawing out more comedy.

Interesting genuine characters and a boatload of potential strapped to a jet engine of a plot.  If this show can find a bit of balance it will be a hit.  If this show fails to reel in the plot, viewers will quickly become lost, and this will be another failure on the parenthood wall of shame. (It's a remake of failed series)

Rating: 3/5
(Probably gonna get better though)

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