Test Freaks The Consumer Reports Killer

Test freaks is a website that brings reviews from every part of the web and mashes them into one easy to find location.  Their algorithm gives each product a unique score; this algorithm takes into account when the product was originally released, user reviews, expert reviews, and much much more.  This website offers much of the value that Consumer Reports does, without asking its users to pay a monthly or yearly fee. 

Before making any large purchases, I scour the internet looking for reviews, ratings, and expert advice.  Test Freaks reduces the amount of time spent doing that by 90%.  Find the category, pick the top rated products, and read reviews all in one location.  However, Test Freaks has not worked out all the kinks with its search tool.  Unless you search for a specific product and that product is covered, the search results are very poor.  For instance, a search for "Sony Camcorder" did not produce any results, but if you browse to the camcorders section you will find many Sony Camcorders.  This one fault was not enough to deter me from Test Freaks.

Test freaks is undoubtedly a Consumer Reports killer.  As they continue to beef up their coverage and move into more categories of products Consumer Reports will seem increasingly irrelevant, and eventually be forced to move away from their subscription model.  Even with a major search problem and less coverage, I recommend test freaks to anyone.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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