Baby Products: Vitamin A & D Ointment


When babies get a diaper rash many people's first instinct is to go out and buy the most expensive product possible, because their babies happiness knows no price.   However, I have found that the price is usually the last indicator of quality for baby products. Particularly, with diaper rash creams and ointments. Most creams are a white substance based on zinc oxide and I have found often causes discomfort.

When my second child was born, we had to spend a week in the hospital with him do to jaundice and other minor complications.   While there he developed a small diaper rash and instead of going to the store we asked the nurses what they had.   They provided us with samples of Vitamin A&D ointment. The results were far better than any of the products I had used when my daughter was a baby. The diaper rash cleared up very quickly and the ointment was soothing and provided immediate relief, as well as  smelling quite pleasant.

Vitamin A & D ointment can be purchased for around four dollars for the name brand and less for the generic versions. It is by far the best solution to diaper rash issues and a great value.    I bet it would come in handy for other skin irritations for adults, infants, and everyone in between.

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