Best of the blogs for the week of July 17th

We have gathered up some of the best posts from our favorite blogs.  This past week has been pretty exciting, so if you have been busy working or actually doing something constructive with your time. Take a quick look at the best of the blogs for this week of July 17th.

Engadget: Supermarket generates piezoelectric power in parking lot

MobileCrunch: Apple Kills of Palm Pre Itunes Connectivity and Iphone AT&T tetheringhack with the upcoming 3.1 Update

MobileCrunch: If a phone's features cant sway you; can puppets?

The Age: Indian hacks RAAF Website

Engadget: River simple Hydrogen Car

Scientific American: Moths Use Sonar-Jamming Defense to Fend Off Hunting Bats

Dvorak.org/blog: Video – The Apple iPhone Ad You Will Never See   Note: There are Swear Words

Wired:   Blind Photographers Use Gadgets to Realize Artistic Vision

BoingBoing:  NYPD is spending $1 million in typewriters

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