When Life Kicks You in the Balls


Generally, when getting kicked in the man parts my first instinct is to curl up into a ball and cry like a girl. However, this hardly seems like a solution that will work for your life. The first thing to do in this situation is to realize you are probably going to get hit again, the first blow is seldom the last. Next, you need to take stock of your environment, find out why you figuratively took a shot to the jewels and see what's coming it next.  Then, you should figure out your goals.  Finally, you need to find a solution.

Taking it Like A Man

When you remember back to your childhood,  I'm sure you where a whining sniveling brat just like the rest of us, and the smallest bump or bruise would send you crying to mommy.  But your an adult now and an incident like that may get you locked up in an institution.  When you experience a hard or disappointing event in your life you have got to keep it together.   Screaming at your boss for an hour after he/she lays you off will probably not help you get a new one.  However, telling your boss you appreciated the work while it was there and asking for a letter of recommendation.  Will put you in great position for a comeback.  Similarly,  If the bank tries to repossess your car and you push it off a cliff, your going to jail.  But if you talk to the bank and tell them why you can't make your payments maybe they will work with you (Editors Note:  Don't drive that car to the bank though) .  In the face of adversity it is always best to remain cool and collected and try to work things out in a civil manner.  If you must cry do it alone with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a cigar, then wake up from that ballistic hangover and figure your life out.

Know Your Environment

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but usually you don't get kicked in the man rocks for no reason, you probably did something to get to this point.  You need to know what you did to get your self to this point.  Whether it's finances, relationships, logistics, or war there is no better way of organizing than making a list and organizing it by priority.  A list has several advantages it's concise, easy, and doesn't feel like much effort.  You can also make many of them quickly and they are pretty easy to alter and organize.  Finally, you can check stuff off of it once it's complete.  Usually, the last thing that people with problems want to do is face them, but writing them on paper leaves you no choice.  Knowing your problems not only helps you find a solution, it helps to you stop making the same mistakes over and over again, while providing some therapy for the soul.   When you finally have every thing on paper , whether it's a list or not,  your problems don't feel so big.

What are Your Goals

Knowing your goals is often the easiest part of the process for most people, but it shouldn't be.  If you lose your job, your first goal is to get a new one right ?   Well maybe it shouldn't be.  This could be the perfect opportunity to go back to school or pursue the career you have always wanted.  How about just not working for a while and pursuing you love ?  Many people have turned this into careers and other opportunities that they will treasure for a life time.  This is true about any situation that just knocks you off your feet, it always provides new opportunities.   So, you just got your home repossessed, that sucks I agree.  Well you also lost that $1200 a month mortgage to pay, how about moving into an apartment and paying off those bills or saving up for that dream vacation.  Most people's first instinct is to try to get back whatever they lost.  I am challenging you to look within yourself and decide what your real goals are!  Often people have something deep inside that they have wanted for a very long time, this tragedy could be your opportunity.

Life is Short

I wrote this article because I have been experiencing rough times myself lately and I have had to face these situations myself.  Through the whole process I have realized that life is short and it's worthless to let these things get you down.  In the end all a person a can do is their best and let the cards fall were they may.  If you are willing to face your problems and truly explore your goals you can recover from anything.  It may not happen fast, but there's always light at the other end.

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terry Henderson
July 13, 2009 at 9:58 AM

Nicely thought out.

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