Best of the Blogs for the week of June 19

The best of the blogs for this week is hitting hard with with game publishers loosing their marbles, 120,000 year old microbes getting revived ( ie mutant dinosaurs viruses will kill us all ) , iphone news and more.  So if your wife kicked you out and you had to sleep in the park, or if you were just too busy to see everything, checkout  the best of the blogs for the week of June 19, 2009.

Engadget: How to tether you Iphone with the 3.0 software

LifeHacker: Songbird 1.2 Integrates into iTunes and ipod

Gizmodo: The biggest game publisher threatens to ditch psp and ps3

Gizmodo: $100 Blu-Ray Player for Fathers day

RockPaperShotgun: What's going with the Ghost Busters Game

Scientific American: Virus hits Genzyme plant halting production of orphan drugs

National Geographic: 120,000 year old Microbes Revived

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