Su.pr Beta

Su.pr is a new comer to the group of link shortening websites.   Su.pr is a Stumbleupon service and integrates with Stumbleupon, Twitter, and Facebook


Su.pr has a clean interface and in my opinion looks much nicer than bit.ly.  It automatically tracks your link's stats, and whether it has gotten any thumbs up from Stumbleupon users. Su.pr's link tracking feature also shows you when the best time  to post your link is,  to get the most exposure, and if your link has been retweeted on twitter.   Also a time saving feature of su.pr is its quick post function.   On the Su.pr website,  there is a link that you can put in your browser. When that link is clicked it brings up a window right on the website you are viewing  that automatically shortens the link of the website you are viewing, and lets you post the website to twitter or Facebook.
quick post funtionality
The Quick post Box

Right now the biggest features Su.pr has over the rest of the link shortening services is that it creates very small links, has an awesome interface,  can be used easily right in your browser without opening up a new tab and has one of the best stat tracking services I've seen.   As of now Su.pr is in beta, and should be ready to go in a couple of months.

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