Windows 7 Release Date Worries

Speculation about the date of the Windows 7 release has been running rampant over the past few months, while Microsoft remains mum.    A pattern that has remained clear is that Windows 7 will probably be released sometime in 2009. A bad choice for the release date of Windows 7 could destroy Microsoft.  A good choice could give Micrsoft that comeback that it is desperately seeking.

A Bad Choice

An actual full release of the new Windows operating system in 2009 will surely be a disaster.  There is little hope of this OS selling many copies.  Launching the newest edition of your flagship product at the height of a recession would be a disaster for any company, but especially for Microsoft. Consumers are reluctant to buy anything right now, they certainly are not going to drop a $100 or more on a new operating system.  Microsoft's other major issue is that many of it's customers think you have to buy  a new computer to get a new version of windows.  That makes the price tag considerably higher. Businesses are without a doubt the big M's largest customer. They are also the ones being hit hardest buy the economic issues.  I highly doubt any company worth it's own weight in beans will hurt their profit margins right now for the sake of an OS upgrade.  If Windows XP is getting the job done, then fine.

A Good Choice

Microsoft has a ton of really smart people, and I really don't expect them to make any really horrible decisions.  I expect the actual release date of Windows 7 to be pushed out of 2009 and into mid or late 2010.  The excuses will most likely be that Windows 7 is not up to the Microsoft standard of quality.  In any case, I expect MS to keep adding features and optimizing the holy hell out of Windows 7.

The Best Choice

The best choice, the choice I would make is to finish Windows 7 sometime in 2009, and not release it.  Instead, once it is release ready I would run extensive test beds and iron out all kinks possible.  I would run more rounds of optimization and spend a whole lot of time making it look way different than Vista.  Basically, when this version of windows releases it should be at the point of the old OS with it's service pack 1.

Microsoft needs a turnaround and this is their chance.  If they fail to make good decisions this could be lights out.  If they spend that extra time that every good OS needs they could make a huge comeback.  Let's hope they do the right thing.

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