110% Stupid

There are a ton of things that annoy me.  Most have to do with positive sayings that make little or no sense.  Here are a few of my most hated things.


There is no such thing as 110% and if you think there is, I feel extremely sorry for your diminished brain capacity.  Put simply if you have one whole pie, then you have 100% of that pie.  In order to eat 110% of that pie, you will have to eat that whole pie and then reach into the tenth dimension and find some kind of quantum slice of pie.  You can't have more than 100% of anything, so don't ask me to ever give 105%, 107%, and especially not 110% effort.  I will say no.   I must concede that it can rationally be used for comparative purposes.  Such as, the snow pack being 140% above last years snow pack.

Fat  People With Handi-Cap Parking Pass

This may seem controversial to some people, but lets make this clear ,  I don't hate fat people.  I do hate people that game the system for their own personal benefit.  Fat people should not have handi-capped parking stickers.  That is the most backwards idea on the planet.  Fat people often have many complications; diabetes, gimp knees, and heart disease.  The vast majority of the symptoms overweight people endure can be cured by excercise. They could also lose some weight.  I propose that overweight people get stickers that only allow them to park in the very back of the parking lot, that way they are forced to walk further.  To head off your comments, of course some people can't help it and some over weight people need a disabled parking pass.  Yes, Doctors should make that judgement.

Money Doesn't Make it Better

There are too many people with too much money walking around.  I can't stand to see people buy expensive crap, just because it's expensive.  I saw a bottle of water at the mall that costs six dollars.  That makes me physically angry.  There are numerous examples such as Rolex watches.  My cell phone keeps time with the same accuracy as a Rolex, but apparently the second hand glides.  Worth an extra $2,000?  I think not.  I guess what I am trying to say, is that I could take a crap on  canvas, put a $1,000 tag on it, call it art, and some rich guy idiot would probably buy it.

Perception is Reality

If you have ever heard any one use this phrase, you probably wanted to punch that person square in the face.   Most often someone will use this phrase when they accuse someone of doing something and are then proven wrong.  For instance a boss will claim that you are unproductive.  You then prove with work logs that your productivity is higher than average.  Your boss responds, " Well, perception is reality".  Which loosely translates to,  "Whatever I think is right, especially since I have more power."  Furthermore, the words perception and reality in no way mean the same thing. Merriam-Websters dictionary describes perception as "to become aware of through the senses" and describes reality as "a real event, entity, or state of affairs".  So, perception means how you interpret reality through your senses, whether you are right or wrong.  Reality, is what is actually happening free from subjective inputs.

The things that make me angry are mainly people just not thinking about what they say or do.  I really get upset when I find common traditions or practices that defy the laws of logic.  Let's hear some of your pet peeves in the comments.

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1 Response to 110% Stupid

January 5, 2009 at 9:24 AM

I like your subtle poke at people who use the word "than" for "then." Drives me nuts. About as much as when people mispronounce "often."

I do disagree somewhat w/ your philosophy on "too much money." All of us, no matter who we are, live within our means, and there's a market for every tax bracket. It's not the amount of money someone has or spends that is an issue. The problem is the fact that we all allow ourselves to be duped into the idea that, if it costs more, it must be better. The one that gets me is name brand vs. generic, especially when a single company will market the exact same product for 2 different markets.

Anyway, unless I misunderstand your intent, your statement leans towards blaming people with "too much money." By who's standards? As a concept, it just doesn't exist outside of an individual's perspective, and as everyone, of course, knows...perception is reality. :D

As for myself, I try to do my part in the never-ending battle for true common sense. The only time I buy bottled water is for convenience during travel. And even then, I go for the cheapest option. However, the fact that I have a choice to purchase a liquid form of 1 part oxygen with 2 parts hydrogen at any price I want simply tells me that some people are just idiots, no matter how much money they have.

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