Cool Whipped Coffee


Once again, I left my coffee creamer on the counter all night. I cannot live without coffee, but I also can't stand the taste of black coffee. I searched in the fridge, cabinets, and elsewhere the only thing we had was Cool Whip. I placed a large dollop of the whipped cream in my coffee, and was delighted to see it pop and fizzle as it melted away.

The taste was really good it provided a rich froth to my coffee while taking the place of half and half. I then added some sugar which sweetened the coffee, and brought out the subtle taste of vanilla in the whip cream. At this point I actually prefer the taste of whip cream in coffee, when compared to the average creamer.

Go for it
Try adding some whipped cream and sugar to your coffee, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I also believe it has less calories, than coffee creamer.

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