How to Make Your Dreams Come True

People are often unfulfilled because of a lack of accomplishments in their life.  No one needs to have that feeling.  If you are willing you can achieve wonderful things.  Clearly, you cannot achieve the impossible  dreams and goals must be realistic.  Obtaining new skills requires several things; talent, time, and will power. These things are needed in varying degrees, depending on the task.  Just as important is being prepared for the roadblocks that invariably reach out to trip us up on our journey.  All too often, it is the words and attitudes of those closest to us that can cause us to take our eyes off of our goals.

Achievable Goals

When making your dreams come true it is best to limit your dreams to things that are currently possible.  If you have no vocal chords you will never be a world famous opera singer.  It is also best to pick goals that have some sort of end in sight, learn to play guitar in one year or build ten sand castles this month.  Meeting these goals will give you a sense of accomplishment and help you to realize what kind of  progress you are making.   When individuals create goals that they cannot meet in the foreseeable future they give up very quickly.  If your goal has no final milestone or is hard to measure, set up a metric and some intermediate goals. If your goal is to be a better dad, your metric could be hours a week you spend with your kids and have a goal of 20 hours a week.

Obtaining New Skills

In the process of meeting your goals you will need to obtain new skills.  Bringing several skills together is often the end goal most people have. To become a better blogger; I need to learn to write better, manager my time better, understand how to interact with my audience, and learn how to build an audience.  Each skill takes talent, time, and willpower to learn.  Some skills I am naturally good at and others require time and willpower to learn.  Understanding which is which is probably the most important thing one can do when trying to achieve a new goal.

So, How do you know you are naturally talented at something ?   The same way you know you are good at anything.  Peer review,  find a person or persons that will honestly and quantifiabley rate your progress, product, sound, whatever you are working on.  If you feel like you did little work and are achieving excellent marks, then you have natural talent.  The other way to know is when it just feels right. Do you love what you are doing ?  Does is it feel natural ?  You are probably talented.  Otherwise if you really want to do it then keep practicing and building your under lying skills.

If you are having problems, don't be surprised.  When trying to achieve goals every person, company, or entity trying to achieve something will have road blocks.  If you give up everytime something bad happens, you will never achieve anything and you will feel unaccomplished.  When I run into roadblocks I consider them entertaining.  They are problems to be solved.  You must analyze the source of your problem and conquer it.  After annihilating a few roadblocks you will start to get the hang of it, and often each roadblock you solve is a new skill you place in your arsenal.


The worst thing you can do when trying to make your dreams come true is hanging around a naysayer.  They will destroy your willpower and often destroy your work.  Some naysayers are impossible to get rid of, they are siblings, spouses, and other loved ones. In this case you just have to ignore the person, or explain to them that you really need their support in order to succeed.  Most naysayers don't realize how demoralizing they can be until you sit down and explain to them how much their opinion actually means to you.

If you have hopes, dreams, and aspirations rest assured the majority of them can be realized.  It will require hard work and persistence, but the end result is always worth the effort you put forth.  Now go do something great.

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January 14, 2009 at 12:13 AM

I will add trust God to that list. I never even dreamed of working at NASA or riding a motorcycle across the country, but through trusting God both those opportunities came out of nowhere and fell into my lap.

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