PS3 Picking up Steam

The PS3 has been trailing the pack in recent years, do mostly to a lack of software.  Most games have been going cross console, and let's face it they have just been plain out valued.  I believe that this is going to start changing quickly.  The high price of the PS3 has been mostly do to the break neck speed of it's hardware, and bleeding edge technology.  As Blu ray starts to become more ubiquitous and the technology used to make the PS3 gets older the PS3 will continue to get cheaper, and the value will improve.


It's very obvious the power that the ps3 holds can annihilate both the x-box 360 and wii.  The wii of course has the novelty factor, but that has worn off quite a bit and will wear off a whole lot more.  From the looks of things the 360 is starting to run up against the edges of it's usefulness, while the PS3 still has a lot of room to grow.  As graphics improve on the PS3 and stay the same on 360 many users will start moving towards the PS3.  This same fact will also bring in many game developers who are looking to push the limits and have the best of the best.  To pile on even more, when the 360 gets outclassed by too much, developers will stop making games for it altogether.

Blu Ray

A hard fact for other gaming consoles is that Blu ray won the format war.  This holiday season many people will be moving their DVD collection to Blu ray.  When they do, every salesman and teenage boy will be trying to up sell parents from a conventional player to a PS3.  I guarantee people I know will be buying Blu ray players soon, and I will tell them to just buy a basic PS3, why because it works for the movies and I want to play it.  It just seems like a much better value also.  For the people out there saying HD is going to straight to download your wrong.  It should happen, but Blu ray will have it's day.  There is just not fast enough internet for most people to bother downloading HD content.

Improving and Shrinking

I have no doubt in my mind that the PS3 will go the way of the PS2, and then some.  As Sony develops new ways to produce the PS3 it will get smaller, better, and cheaper.  The first time a massive shrink on the PS3 happens you will see it really take off, part of it's problem is being ugly.  The other thing that will bring the PS3 into the fray, is it's improved software.  Having Sony finally get into the online business is making the console work better and more fun.  Things are always better with updates and with some sort of socialization.  Sony is starting to get the online segment right for once.

Look for an explosion of PS3 sales this holiday season, even though we have hard economic times.

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