Rant: Things that tic me off

This is a list of things that tic me off , most are tech related .

1. DRM

Music and Movies with DRM tic me Off, because as a legal paying customer I should be able to copy my movies and CD's as many times as I want. Copying movies to a computer is getting easier thanks to the digital copies. More movie companies need to do this . I believe this would sell more movies and get the iPod generation interested in watching full length movies. Making the digital experience easier and less prone to problems, will sell more movies.

2. Copyright

My feeling is that companies that make TV shows and books don't need a long term copyright. Once a show or book has had a couple years in the lime light, they are out dated and no longer money makers. This is especially true for books about computer and tech topics . A shorter copyright period would allow people to use outdated materials to innovate and make interesting new things, outside of fair use. I can't think of a ton of good this would do, but I am sure something amazing would happen. Image an hour and a half of Chuck Norris talking to the incredible hulk from the 1970's, that would entertain somebody. Not me, but somebody.

3. Car , Drug, and Microsoft commercials

Car dealerships want your money, and they have no better way to tell you then MONEY MONEY MONEY. HERE HERE HERE , CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP, etc and so forth. I would rather eat glass or talk to George Takei, than watch one second of these ads. Drug companies need to advertise in Doctors offices not on public TV. Not like we can just buy all the medication off the shelf, not like the drug companies are no us better then our doctors. Wal-mart ads bug me too. First of all , they are not always the cheapest , that's a lawsuit waiting to happen. My copy of Spore for the DS was messed up , walmart should be aware of issues with their electronics . A few years ago, I bought a CD that was not what the label said it was, WTF . Some great retailer they are. Now it's time to Dog Microsoft . Time to stop the I'm a PC ad. Macs run Windows too , perhaps you should start saying we want your money, because Apple is kicking our butt. What was up with the Windows ads about nothing?

writen by Jeff and Edited by John

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4 Response to Rant: Things that tic me off

November 19, 2008 at 12:02 PM

Yes, Wal-Mart should open every CD they sell to make sure the vendor packaged it correctly, and test every copy of every game it sells to make sure there are no defects. There should be a fitting room for toasters so you can make sure it gets your toast just right.

Wal-Mart will match competitor pricing, so yes, they will be the cheapest. Saving you money so you can live better.

November 19, 2008 at 12:13 PM

Hey thanks for that amazing douche comment. You fail to realize that Wal-mart will not allow you to return games or CD's under any circumstances once opened. So, when they sell you the wrong CD or sell you a game with a known and obvious flaw, they are stealing from you. As a retailer, the burden should be theres, no one human can track all issues with products, but a multi-billion dollar corporation can. Not too mention, that Wal-mart has single handedly reduced the average wage of the American worker, by replacing good jobs with horrible jobs. We should all thank Wal-mart for a better life. Please remove your head from your Anus, before commenting.

Written by

Jeff @CTNetcasts
November 19, 2008 at 12:45 PM

On hand I agree with Jon on amother I do Ajree with Merrihaven.

I did however get a new copy of Spore for MY DS , it was open and they exchanged it for a new copy , on the subject of jobs wages , I agree with Jon .

And I wright Wal-mart is not always the cheapest , I can buy stuff from Amazon.com that is brand new and cheaper.

I usta bee a Wal-mart employee and yes hours were not great and they have endaged my life more than once just for stupid carts, I wish I'd never worked thare.

December 1, 2008 at 2:18 PM

heh, heh.

I'm not a fan of Wal-mart in any case, but I just wanted to point out that the only comments that were spelled correctly were the original comment and the random 4th comment which appears to be an advertisement.

Intriguing post though, Jeff.

- Jason

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