Top Ten Free Chrome Apps

Yesterday Google released it's Chrome operating system and web store. The web store hosts apps created specifically to work with the chrome web browser and to give users a better experience. Out of the gate, the web store included 500 apps.

The following ten free apps , in no particular order, are truly fantastic and have a permanent home in my chrome web browser.


Where: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hbdpomandigafcibbmofojjchbcdagbl#

What: A central location to handle all your twitter  and  facebook needs, including multiple accounts and syncing with your primary TweetDeck account. It's comparable to the desktop client with a few features missing.  It has a streamlined UI  and takes up much less resources than the desktop client.

Recommended For:  Anyone that doesn't like installing apps, does a lot of tweeting and Facebook, and/or anyone that just wants to try it out. Way easier and faster than installing and uninstalling the desktop client.

Amazon Windowshop

Where: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nielaigelomefgdoljcpfgbdbfefhdjc

What: A completely new look and feel for Amazon. A grid based layout that displays results by category and every product is displayed with pictures.

Recommended For: Browsing Amazon aimlessly looking for things to buy. When you want to see every Simpsons product ever made on one page from dvds to t-shirts.



What: Provides an extremely easy to use and easy to read interface for the online news magazine salon .com. It has a very simple linear look that organizes articles from newest to oldest, and allows you to turn categories on or off.

Recommended For: Anyone that likes an extremely simple and uncluttered view for their online news.

Fancy Pants Adventures 2

What: A Side scrolling adventure game developed for the web. Highly reminiscent of sonic the hedgehog but with more style, attitude, and creativity. Also this is an app in the truest sense, when you install this app it pulls the entire game down to your computer, this means it works offline.

Recommended For: Casual gaming offline, avoiding work without getting caught, and anyone that liked Sonic The Hedgehog.



What: A re-hash of the NYTimes online, looks and feels more like a newspaper than any thing I have ever experienced online.  Is also by far the best news app in the chrome web store.

Recommended For: The closest feel you can get to a newspaper while still sitting at a computer.

Flixster Rotten Tomatoes

Where: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hgbpjlnkjhllfgfdmieompodgaefjcfh

What: A mashup of Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes with a gorgeous interface. Has every feature a movie lover could want, flowing out of every orifice of this beautiful creation.

Recommended For: Researching movies for a night out, finding reviews, discovering whats new in the world of cinema.


What: Experience the world with Google maps and Wikipedia mooshed into one dandy little package. It's a fun and intuitive way to learn interesting facts and history about the world.

Recommended For: Learning stuff and still having fun, researching a particular region, impressing your friends, history buffs, travel nuts.

Advanced Image Editor by Aviary

What: A completely online image editor. Not as advanced as Photoshop or Gimp, but can do many photo editing tasks you won't find in MS Paint. 

Recommended For: Quick photo edits on the fly, editing photos away from home ( your dad doesn't gimp on his computer) , netbooks!


What: Another re-incarnation of a news website, looks great is highly functional, and feels similar to salon but a lot more crowded.

Recommended For:  Liberals, those that like their content crammed as tightly as possible, 


What: A comic book store and reader combination for the computer. This a nicely implemented solution with a lot of professional and indie content. A great reader implementation that offers a Comixology like flow through each panel, it doesn't quite live up to comics on the ipad but it's a great step in the right direction. 

Free comics are available.

Recommended For: Comic fans, anyone looking for the iPad comic experience on a laptop or PC.

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