Reaching the Finish Line

I have arrived at the finish line. I have completed two of my deepest and most sought after goals, finishing college and getting a permanent full time job within the software industry. I am extremely happy and am enjoying both my new found freedom and responsibility, but what do I do now. Numerous publications, blogs, and books are devoted to the subject of how to reach your goals, but few people dedicate themselves to helping you figure out what to do when you get there.

For the few months following my graduation I spent most of my time trying to land a permanent position and it kept me busy. I spent my time reading books about software, finding out how to ace that interview, and sending out resumes for any position I could find. I finally landed a wonderful position and now I can't figure what to do with myself. I'm happy, very happy in fact, I just feel a bit lethargic. I have been watching a movie almost every night of the week and playing numerous video games. I just feel unproductive, I have the urge to go conquer something but I lack the drive to actually do it.

There are tons of things I could do and have wanted to for a long time. I could learn to build websites, write a cool iPhone app, or actually give my blog the sweet love it deserves. Why haven't I done any of these things? I don't know. It seems like drive creates drive.  I took a good long break doing nothing and decompressing from years of hard work and long nights and now I can't seem to get back into gear.  Once again, I am enjoying my time relaxing and catching up on media, but I have an inextinguishable fire that forces me to get stuff done and  am bothered if I'm not completing a goal of some sort all the time. I also have a hard time making up goals that are useless, my goal is to watch 30 movies this month..., I just can't do it. 

Anyhow, do I have a plan? No, well kind of.  My plan is to write down my goals and start working on accomplishing them while maintaining a good portion of my cushy life I currently maintain, a happy medium so to speak. My other plan is to pick goals that contribute to my sense of wellbeing, while also getting positive things done and not stressing myself out.  I had a good many years of stress and deadlines, I don't need more.

List of stuff I wanna do:
1. Exercise
    - I don't need to look like a model or anything just wanna shave off a little of that gut and get some stamina.

2. Write a blog post once a week or every other week

3. iPhone App
   -Actually I am working on an iPhone app.  I would like to actually complete it or at least a part of it.  No pressure though.

4. Learn webdesign if I have nothing else to do. 
    - I have always wanted to learn webdesign and have always had ideas for great websites.  I have just never had the time to do it.  I want to learn webdesign now, but I want to make sure I'm enjoying it. 

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