iPhone Software 3.0 Part Three: The Best of The Best

The newest software for the iPhone really brought out some amazing features. It has also brought some we should already have and some features no one cares about. The features that came out good, came out really good though. Apple is really setting itself up to be impossible to beat. I have chosen a few of my favorite  features to discuss the possibilities that they hold. I saved the best for last.

Spotlight has been added to a new home screen page to the left of existing pages, allowing for universal search on the phone.

- Universal search on the iPhone is going to set this phone up to be in a different class than it has previously experienced. It will allow users to really utilize the full amount of space that they have available to them. A few ideas are using their iPhone to store and transfer files. Kind of like a jump drive but just transferring stuff over the net. I also believe that iPhone users will download a lot more documents and junk off of the internet. Going along with this feature,  apps will have search capability and more over be able to utilize the search functionality. I picture an iPhone app that will crawl through your pictures and add metadata, making the pictures easier to search for. This could be done in the background or while the phone is charging.

Landscape view available for Mail, Text and Notes

- This is probably something we should have already seen on the iPhone it was asked for a lot, but nonetheless. Allowing users the ability to type in landscape view will greatly increase the productivity and speed of all 3 activities. I think this will be one of the biggest increases to satisfaction for iPhone users. I also think that friends of iPhone users will appreciate faster, better , and more frequent messages.

Peer-to-peer connectivity over Bluetooth for gaming and other info-swapping.

- This feature is going to be fun for the news at the very least. I see a lot of app developers being denied because of this feature and I also see it being the source of a lot of un-intended consequences. I believe Molly Wood named this the year of un-intended consequences and Apple will definitely make this come true. I predict some sort of virus, a file sharing program, and someone using this feature in order to steal information off of someone’s iPhone. I also believe this feature will improve the gaming experience and lead to some fun innovative applications coming from new developers.

Finally the best feature of all,

Devs can also connect with hardware accessories in their apps now, such as a blood pressure monitor -- or perhaps a keyboard? Connectivity works through the dock connector or over Bluetooth.

- Connecting to hardware through apps will create some outrageous applications for sure. The blood pressure monitor is just the beginning. I see medical devices of every kind being created for the iPhone and spawning an entirely new market for the iPhone. I believe that through the iPhone medical devices can be distributed more cheaply and with more and better features. I also think that this will be used for plenty of un-intended consequences as well. Everyone and there brother have been trying to cash in on the iPhone or iPod since they have come out. There will be  gag gadgets, naughty gadgets, and the most offensive gadgets on the planet. I predict that within six months of this feature going live it will save a person’s life, get someone arrested, and give Apple a ton of publicity.

iPhone 3.0 made us laugh, made us cry, and made us extremely happy. I am really pleased with the well rounded feature set that was announced. It will create some really fun and controversial news, but most of all it will improve the iPhone significantly and add many years of life to the number one position the iPhone holds.

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Terry Henderson
March 27, 2009 at 12:42 PM

Great series , loved all 3 parts

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