iPhone 3.0 Part One: Stuff We Should Already Have


· The new features we should already have:

· Developers can now build apps that call out to Google Maps, and can also finally bring Apple-blessed turn-by-turn to the phone.

· Cut, copy and paste. At last! You can shake the phone to undo and redo the action, and it works with both text and photos, allowing Mail to send multiple photos at a time. (more here)

· MMS, along with forward and delete for multiple messages. (more here)

· Auto-login for WiFi hotspots.

· Note syncing to Mac and PC.

All the features above are features I feel that any other smart phone would have shipped with from the start, but these are features that iPhone users have had to beg for. Copy and paste , auto login for wifi, and mms all seem like extremely simple features to add to a phone so why didn’t they ?

I believe that the most obvious reason is the most likely reason. For whatever reason, these features were all very time consuming and considered low priorities. Turn by turn was time consuming from the legal end for sure.   Apple was most likely just trying to find a way to absolve themselves from legal woes, which may crop up in the future. I think the largest hurdle for copy and paste was most likely figuring out an easy and intuitive way for it to be used. I also believe that apple did not perceive a great need for it. I initially expected the iPhone to have very little text communication on it. Auto-login for wifi and MMS both seem pretty obvious, so shame on you Apple

Before casting the first stone in apples direction for not including some of the more obvious features, try to think from their point of view. Often when creating software the hardest part is deciding which features are implemented when. Remember, there are no companies with infinite resources every piece of software has to have some features come later than others. Would you give up your beloved app store for the features listed above or how about your camera ?  Every feature of every product can be vaguely tied to profits, companies are most likely to implement features which will generate profits immediately and then add other features later.  When you combine this idea with diminishing returns, obvious features often get implemented late in the game

Part Two : Stuff No One Cares About

Part Three: The Best of The Best

List of features taken from Engadget see it here

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Terry Henderson
March 24, 2009 at 10:48 AM

Great start, can't wait for parts 2 & 3


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