Xchat and Xchat aqua

Setting up xchat aqua on OSX was somewhat of a challenge , being my first time using an IRC client and all , but thanks to fellow IRC users and the below link , it got easier .

First thing you must remember is to make sure the server name is spelled correctly and that you join the right room by typing join room name  without a slash , not entirely sure what mistake i made but basically I

started from scratch and made sure things were spelled exactly as they appeared on the java client site

Picking a username that is not already being used is also key to getting connected to an IRC channel.

I learned things will always end up working if you keep trying and have a good community in  a IRC chat to help.

I know this may not help  aLot of readers , which is why I added the below link , this post is more about my trial with xchat aqua and how I finally got it working .


Written by Jeff

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