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Last weekend my wife and I took a trip to Seattle, one of Seattle's up and coming attractions is the EMP, or the Experience Music Project.  There is also a science fiction museum.  The EMP is a collection of music paraphernalia, audio, video, and pictures.  The science fiction museum was mainly a collection of books and artifacts acquired from private collections.

My experience at the EMP was some what tainted, we were not allowed to photograph any of the exhibits,  photo's and video were only allowed in lobbies.  The lobby of the EMP is not very exciting, in the main part of the museum there are many photo opportunities, but there are goons that walk around and ask you to turn your camera off.  That is a total bummer.

Overall the exhibits setup at the EMP were very informative and interesting they never lost my attention.  First and foremost before you enter the EMP, there is a large jumbo tron  like screen.  There is music playing and the "Jumbo tron" plays some sort of a visualizer like iTunes.  There was also a video of Jimmy Hendrix playing the star spangled banner.  I enjoyed this screen very much and could have stared at it all day long, the music they played was great but non-descript. I can't put my finger on what was playing.

The next section was about Jimmy Hendrix, running along the walls were Jimmy's guitars, clothing, and even some hand written lyrics.  To augment those the entire story of his career covered the room.  There was a live Jimmy Hendrix concert playing on a large LCD television and Ipods were placed around the room loaded with Jimmy's music.  There were two kiosks I did not get a chance to use, one was some sort of mixer and the other allowed users to experiment with effects.  The lines were just too long at most cool things to bother waiting.

The next sections had a bunch of computers loaded with interviews from various artists about their experiences on the road.  Most of the artists I had never heard of, and most of the stories were really boring.  This room was mostly empty.

Then there was the northwest walk, this section had the entire progression of Seattle and northwest music starting some time in the 50's and going until now.  There were tons of artifacts from bands like the Kingsmen, Nirvana, Heart, and The Presidents Of The United States Of America.  There were many more bands small and obscure.  The amount of detail in this section was amazing, this section was also augmented by blasting music and large video screens playing videos from all the bands.

Finally the crux of the EMP was the sound lab, here you can play instruments experiment with a large table that makes drum noises when hit, and also record your own song.  If you want to enjoy this segment make sure you have a long time to wait.  I waited for a private sound room and then could not get any of the guitars in it to work.  After that everything else had  lines to long for me to wait, I have things to do.  I also have a gripe that recording your song is free, but getting a CD of it costs $10.00.  That's a stupid price.

Overall the EMP was fun, informative, and interesting, but the really good stuff always has a line.  I advise anyone who goes, to either have plenty of time to wait or go at a really obscure time when few people are there.

The science fiction museum can be summed up much more easily.  It was just a collection of sci-fi stuff.  It was really cool there was a couple rooms that had themes, but they aren't that important.  The highlights,  R2-D2, NS-5 from I-Robot, Animatronic Donatello from TMNT Movies, tree of life from the Fountain, Death star, Metal Skeleton from Terminator, and more.  There was a wall of Sci-fi guns that included stuff from dune, star wars, star trek, and other movies.  There is also a large collection of robot toys, and most of the loot I discussed were actual props from movies.  The rest of the museum were videos and books with placards explaining what they were  about.

I would highly recommend the Sci-fi museum for anyone that likes Sci-fi.  It is really cool and informative and gave me a lot of ideas for new reading movies and interests.  My wife also found this museum interesting which is odd because she doesn't like Sci-fi or tech stuff at all.

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