A Plausible Explanation for All the Al Qaeda #3's

Several articles and "clever" "journalists" have pointed out that in the past couple years Al Qaeda's number three man has been killed about nine times.  Wow, how bogus! That must be a total media/government conspiracy to hype their GD war. I  admit that the media and government have had many questionable reports about the goings on in the war, but this is just silly.  Check out this article for a good example of what I'm talking about. http://www.infowars.com/al-qaeda-number-3-killed…-again/ .

Many of these articles rely on the premise that Al Qaeda is a carefully designed linear organization, and that terrorists have nothing better to do than decide who is in what position in the organization. Also for some reason they fail to acknowledge that if these guys keep getting killed they need to be replaced.  "Oh Damn, our number 3 guy got killed. To preserve his memory we will never fill this position again. Someone retire his jersey".

I created a simple solution showing how Al Qaeda is probably organized.  This is approximately the same organizational system used by the US military, fast food, and about a billion other organizations on the planet.

I would ask "Clever" "Journalists" to pull their head out of their rectums in the future, but I'm sure this kind of swill is written purely for hits on their blogs, and it gives me something to complain about it. So keep up the bad work.

See diagram below for a simple explanation of how Al Qaeda may and probably is organized.

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