Getting Back On My Blogging Horse and Back to Basics

Hi Loyal Readers or No One (Whomever reads this first),
I have been out of the blogging game for a long time, and for good reason. What I had, some people might call a nervous breakdown. I like to think of it as an opportunity to re-arrange my life and remember what was truly important to me.  In any case, I just had way too much going on.  Family, school, blogging and so much more, I guess you could say I was a casualty of the American way. 

I have re-arranged my life polished off a few hobbies and damn near completed college.  I feel that now is a good time to start blogging again.  However,  things will be much different this time around or at least I hope so.  I plan to create a strong emphasis on quality for anything that gets posted to my blog, gimme a break on this post will ya it's informal.  I also plan to have much more diverse postings, anything from family outings to C#.  This will be my home base for anything that interests me, probably continuing to be mostly technology.  Please grab my rss feed and read what you want and ignore the rest.  If you have any suggestions or requests, I would love to hear them.

Jon (The man behind the Ten Pound Hammer)

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