The Lazy Guy's Toolbox

Being lazy isn't easy, well ya it's pretty easy, but if you want to maximize your laziness you will need a few tools.  If you want to be at the top of your lazy game, and god willing one day win the Olympic gold for laziness, you will need all the greatest technologies developed for your stupid lazy self.

The Hover Round

hoveround_mpv5If you ever want to get to the top of the lazy game, you have absolutely got to minimize the amount of walking you do.  Why your use your legs when you can pay for something that will move your lazy body around for you ?  Some major pluses of the hoveround include it's wonderful turning compatabilities, smooth ride, and probably goes faster than you can walk.  So you won't only be preventing the needless effor of walking, but you will also be saving time.

The Lazy Persons Handbook

lazyhandbookI know that reading is hard, but this book will help you to maximize your lazyness. This book offers stripped down easy to read advice to for almost any situation you find yourself in.  From Weight loos to marriage advice this book will help to you out lazy homer simpson.

Buy it Here:  The Lazy Persons Handbook

The Laziest Chair Possible

ergonomic-workstation_g1yk8_17340This chair was featured on gizmodo and it was about the laziest looking chair I could find that really exists.  With this chair you have to the ablililty to compute, game, watch tv, and any thing else you can do from the comfort of your normal chair or bad.  This seat even reclines fully enough that sleeping could be quite comfortable.  The only downside I can see to this chair is that you have to go the restroom and it doesn't have a beer dispenser.

From Gizmodo Zero Gee Computer Workstation

Professional Beer Retriever/ Mans Best Friend

Seriously no matter how lazy you are, you will need a companion when your wife leaves your for being such a lazy bastard.  What better companion than a dog. Dogs will never judge you and some will even get you a beer.  Note: Dogs already trained to retrieve your beer will probably cost extra.

Nicotine Patch

nicoLazy people smoke, actually lot's of lazy people smoke.  However, the effort involved in a lighting a cigarette and then actually moving your hand to your mouth is too much effort.  A nicotine patch allows you to simply stick it on and enjoy.  Not too mention you get rid of that terrible smokers breath, and that gives the added lazy bonus of not having to brush your teeth so much.

Get it Here: Nicotive Patch

Robotic Cleaning


Last but not least is some robots to do your dirty work for you.  There is nothing lazy people hate more than cleaning and these days there for many of your cleaning needs.  iRobot provides robots for vacuuming, sweeping, gutter cleaning, pool cleaning, and I am sure there will be more to come.  Most of these bots come in affordable prices and are easy to setup and use.  There are also robotic lawn mowers, but I hear they don't work well enough to buy at this point.

iRobot Products

As a blogger and general tech nerd I could find infinite ways to increase my lazy productivity and this blog post could be a never cavalcade of obscene lethargy.  If you have suggestions for being lazy. Drop em in the comments

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