What The Amazon: Doll Edition

Octoberfest Barbie


If you like beer and Barbie, this is the thing for you.  Why wouldn't we want one of the biggest role models for America's young girls to endorse a beer swigging hullabaloo. 

Price Tag $38.88

Buy it here

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas SDCC Jack Skellington Othello Doll (18 Inch)


There's nothing cooler than Nightmare Before Christmas swag, Nuff Said. Get your hands on this for a mere

Price Tag: $41.99.

Buy it here

Nascar Barbie


Mattel is capitalizing on the 3- 9 year old girls who love Barbie and Nascar market or the creepy 30 - 50 year old men who love Barbie and Nascar market.  They must have sold at least 8 of these things. 

Price Tag: $25.99

Buy it here

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