Mag.ma: A New Video Aggregator

Mag.ma's purpose is to scour the web looking for popular videos, and then puts those popular videos on it's front page.  It uses a content rating system to do this that takes into account links, comments, and video replies. Honestly it just doesn't work well.  The videos it rates as popular, aren't  that great.  It's problem is that 95% of the content on youtube is mediocre at best. If you look under the channels, there are many more video sites other than youtube from which it gathers video.  It should give video sources like Hulu and College Humor an added point or two to their ratings since their videos are much higher quality and generally have some more entertainment value. One other problem is that as of now the top rated video isn't even allowed to be embedded.   Videos that are not able to be embedded should be automatically taken from the charts, as it subtracts from the ease of use of Mag.ma.

However,  Mag.ma does have potential as illustrated in this picture they have released of what the final product should look like.

This is how mag.ma will supposedly look in the future. If this layout becomes reality (I really hope it does) Mag.ma will live up to it's potential. These stats could be a gold mine for stat-lovers and normal video owners alike if implemented right. Mag.ma rightfully deserves the work in progress badge;  I can't wait to see how it has grown in a couple of months.

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