Boxee for Windows Review

Boxee; (a previously Mac only program) Is a media player that can play media from almost anywhere from tv shows on hulu to pandora Internet radio Boxee can do it all. Boxee has recently been ported windows and is in a public alpha release. Boxee's best feature is that it  brings content together, so that you don't have to go hunting around the internet for a download link for your favorite podcast.

When you first open up Boxee you are welcomed to a screen full of different sources from where you can get media. From here you can find podcasts internet tv (Hulu) and many other types of media. Boxee  gets a thumbs up on the range of media it has to offer to select from. Boxee works well on the PC and is a very good port. I haven't found any glitches within the interface; the interface is simple and is easy to navigate. When you find something to watch  it almost automatically starts playing and does not look pixelated. There isn't much more to say but that if you have a media center or need some entertainment while on your laptop download this program. It makes finding awesome quality content to watch easy, and fun.

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