We need more free space

All online storage sites should at least give you 1GB for free. I believe the web is becoming more complex and people want to share more complex files. With HD content becoming more available thanks to the SD markII and more people are shooting raw photos , it makes sense to have more room for storing pictures. Web Pages are no longer just places to read info , more and more people are using them as a way to connect with family and friends, media is a big part of that . I'm tired of these sites like Flickr and drop.io that only give you 100MB of free space. Google gives you more on gmail and picasa web albums . Why should I pay for more space on Flickr or drop.io ? Drop.io also seems to only allow it's free service for one year wtf ? Now unless i read the fine print wrong , this is a idea sucks. Perhaps drop.io is better suited for short term storage .

I prefer tmohost.com it allows a lot of room for free. Now i am not sure , but the last conversation I had with the guy who runs it , said to keep it under 1GB. I suppose he means the total amount of space , but he could also mean the file size . Anyways , I suppose e if you look hard enough you can find more space for free , but the 100MB spaces need to grow .

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3 Response to We need more free space

April 4, 2009 at 6:07 PM

have you checked out dropbox? you can get at least 2gb for start and more if you referee more people to it...
and I believe you can share unlimited directly between people but am not positive

June 6, 2009 at 2:33 PM

Personally I use SpiderOak. 2GB free storage, plus a computer program that will automatically back up your data.

BTW... nice site. I'll probably end up linking to some of your tutorials in the near future.

June 6, 2009 at 4:59 PM

SpiderOak looks like a cool service. AS far as I can tell it does the same thing as Dropbox, at half the price ( SpiderOak is $100 for 100gb and Dropbox is $100 for 50gb). If i ever need more space out of Dropbox than the free level. I'll definitely think about signing up for Spideroak.

One question I have about SpiderOak is; how well does the desktop client work? Because Dropbox's client on the desktop side is absolutely superb.

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