Using Gmail to Track Projects

I am sure everyone has heard this solution a couple times, I know I have. But I would like to share how I use gmail to keep track of my projects, and why.


I just started a todo list with the order of most importance.  Importance is usually decided by due date, but in some circumstances like studying for a test.  I move it higher in the ranking even it's further away, because I need to do a little bit every night.  If a project is a one shot deal, I will  put it in the queue with no information.  What I really like about using gmail though is that I can type whatever I want, however I want, unrestricted and quickly.  When I have multi-part projects I leave little notes about where I am in the project and whatever else I think will be useful in the future.  My current queue looks like this.

Assignment 2 for cs372  // P38 get help on! Get answers in a format I can turn in.

Senior Project Work // Work on the post tonight and then finish my two features for core and then help on website.

CS372 // Study for midterm a little every night

CS 419  Paper or Patch //Decide if I want a paper or patch ?

Pretty simple yet informative! Then every time you need to update your todo list hit the reply button, copy and paste the remaining tasks , add notes and hit send. Now your tasks will always be visible as unread mail and easy to find.


Yes this is basically just typing things down in a todo list so why use gmail ?  Because I know I will always check my gmail. Having my todo list in a place that I know I will always look it is the best part and it is always marked unread so it catches my eye.  Since I began using gmail to keep track of my projects,  I have been a lot more on top of things and haven't forgotten or missed a single deadline. This solution has been working great for me and it can work great for you!

Tell us how you track your projects and why!

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