Time Management: How I manage Work, School, Family and More

Time management is a difficult venture for most people. They don’t understand how to keep time under control, and more importantly when to be flexible. More often than not when one is in pursuit of time savings they often forget to maintain boundaries. When you get too busy you have got to let someone down.  Here is a look at how I manage a full college education, part time job, two kids, a wife, and a floundering blog!


The most important part of time management is boundaries. In my life everything has a boundary. I have a certain amount of time that I a work, a certain amount of time I spend at school, I even have a certain amount of time to play with my kids. This is very important because it allows me to do several things.

First, I am able to set expectations. I let people know that I have a certain amount of time for a said activity and that amount of time will not and should not vary. Most people are highly responsive to this, because I am straight forward and make my priorities clear. Setting expectations for individuals also forces them to value your time.

Next, my time has value. If you run out of a meeting early or skip one all together people are often miffed. However, if you have clearly set boundaries and you are up against your time line people will let it slide. They know that their scheduled time has run out. They are also aware that the next big thing of the day is waiting for you, and most importantly they know when their time is coming again. I generally don’t get over inundated with small talk and other forms of time wasting because colleagues and friends alike know that my time is important.

Finally, setting boundaries establishes your priorities. It is often very clear what is most important in your life by the amount of time you allocate that activity. I spend the vast majority of my free time with my family, because they are most important to me. This is a very important distinction to draw when you are very busy! It lets everyone who knows what they shouldn’t even try to interrupt, and what they might have a chance at disturbing.

Being Flexible

Like a proverbial rubber band if you stretch this concept too far it will definitely break. Life is not a strictly structured march through a daily routine. Cars breakdown, the weather go’s nuts, and the neighbor’s dog just might chase a skunk into your car, this is when you must be flexible, and also when to understand your priorities. I often have times when I must alter my schedule for the day. I have to stay a little longer at school or the kids need some extra attention. You must simply identify your problem and then decide whether it is worth taking time away from something else. My strategy often consists of finding a block of time that I can take from without affecting my family time. If worst comes to worst I will take my family time and move it back cutting time from my sleep. If you want time management to work for you, you must be willing to shuffle your schedule around and to be flexible.

Late Nights and Coffee

In the course of a busy life there is too much that can go wrong. Often the easiest resort to take is to get behind a little bit at a time and then catch up all at once. Let’s say my home work is just more than I expected. I will put off whatever I can all week long and then pull a terrific 8 hour sprint until four o clock in the morning and then I will be caught up all at once. If you are planning a tight schedule you best stock up on coffee and other forms of caffeinated beverages.

Letting Someone Down

If you are worried about time management chances are you are busy. When planning a schedule to the absolute limit you will end up letting someone down. I have to let people down about once a month; there are just some things you cannot for see that wipe out entire days. Basically, you have to contact the people that are affected by your schedule failure and tell them you won’t be there and here is why. Don’t be afraid! People are very sympathetic to a person that misses a meeting or event as long as you give ample notice and have a decent reason. If you get free tickets to the Yankees and call your boss 20 minutes before work you are most likely in big trouble. If you talk to your boss a day in advance cause your daughter has tonsillitis, you will be fine.

Managing your time can be tough but if you carefully define boundaries, keep yourself flexible and are willing to spend a few nights with coffee, than you will definitely make it.

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