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Update: All though this review clearly portrays the product, I missed that fact that it comes bundled with a boat load of crapware.  Under no circumstances should you download or install digsby until further notice.

I have spent a good long time with Digsby.  Digsby is an app that allows you to pull together your instant messaging services,  social networking, and short form communications like twitter.  I really like this application and I don't think I could give it up, but it has a lot of room for improvment.

I love It

Digsby does several things very well and for that I love it.  It saves me tons of time by allowing me to check my email from the toolbar.  It also allows me to perform basic email functions like deleting,archiving, marking as read etc from the toolbar.  Most of the times savings comes in the form of not opening a web browser to check my email.  Email is one of my main forms of communication so I constantly check it. In that same vain Digsby allows me to update my status on twitter, linkedIn, and facebook all from the toolbar.  This has been a god send.  I was beginning to abandon the old status update, because I hate opening all those web pages.  Now it's quick and easy.

The other favorite feature which also keeps me from opening new web pages is the ability to read twitter and facebook time lines from the toolbar.  When I actually care what all my friends are having for lunch, cause I have so many friends,  than I can just left click the facebook icon in my toolbar and there it is.  There are also periodic pop ups whenever someone drops a new update.  I find this feature to be fairly helpful, but I mainly just scan to see if I am actually interested.  I would like to see a way to filter in only certain people on these pop ups.

It Lacks a lot

For the love I have for Digsby it still feels like a really young application.While it does support most IM platforms, it lacks support for many social networks and twitter like clients.  Well it only supports Myspace, facebook, Twitter, and linkedIn.  Pretty limited choices when there is so much diversity on the net.  It also has no support for rss feeds that really seems like a given for an application like Digsby.  Supporting rss feeds would actually fend off some the calls for more compatibilty, because many social networks have rss.  I want all my blogs fed right to my Digsby.

On the technical side, there is an inexplicable error where Digsby drops the connection to my gtalk and never tries to regain it.  I have to go to my preferences and remind Digsby that I want my Gtalk friends.  It is also really bloated with a 60mb download and I often catch it using around 50,000 k of my ram.

Love/slightly Dislike relationship

Even with the many flaws I have found with Digsby, I can't let it go.  This app is too valuable for someone as connected as I am.  I save probably an hour a day using it.  Digsby should watch its back though, if another player wants to compete, it could easily displace Digsby.

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2 Response to Digsby Review

Marisa Anstey
February 5, 2009 at 1:18 PM

Hi. I'm not a technical person, but I have recently been caught by the social networking fever. I followed your twit to this Digby review. While I fell into the social of Social networking, I'm very excited about realizing the "Ah Ha" on the netwoking end for business.

I appreciate reviews on ANY product that will save me time. Thanks for the Tweet.

August 2, 2009 at 2:12 PM

this is amazing softawre

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