The Best Ways to Waste Your Time

In Every computer users life, there comes a day when you just don't have anything to do.  For all those "Rainy Days",  here are a few good ways to waste your time.

Ragdoll Cannon

It is exactly what it sounds like,  you get a cannon loaded with people that have ragdoll physics.  You have to solve puzzles to make a ball start rolling.


Soup.io Public Timeline

If you love artsy photography, music videos, and occasional poetry then the soap.io public time line is the place to be.  The Soup.io community is very driven to produce and/or find excellent content.  Everytime I go to Soup.io I find something that blows my mind.  The easily offended may find some offensive items in the form of nudity or bad jokes, you have been warned.



This site holds many apps built by a programmer with a love for wasting your time.  Many of the programmers are science based like genetic modifiers,  evolution machines, and the walking bird, but they are all interesting.  Graphics aren't the greatest, but that gaurantees the programs should run well on most computers.  I have not detected any spyware from this website yet.


MSN News

I only recently gave MSN News a chance, since doing so I have found it to have an excellent selection of news articles.  Most importantly for my news needs, it is easy to navigate and find different news articles that I am interested in.


Why I don't like Digg

I understand that having nothing to do automatically means looking at Digg for a lot of people.  I honestly cannot stand Digg anymore.  All I ever see there is outragous pictures and top ten lists.  When Digg changes there algorithm a bit and brings more variety into the picture I will go back.

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