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Lets Say you just bout a new mac , one that may be a Christmas gift to a loved one or a gift received as an early present.

I 'm going to tell ya about some free apps that can help ease the stress of having to now buy over priced apps for that Mac.

1 Fire fox

Why Fire Fox , cause it will help keep your loved one safer on the web and it has cool plug ins.

2 Neo office

this is a full office suit for the work aholic or the work at home type.

3 ABIWord

A  free alternative to Microsoft Word.

4 VLC player

for playing odd video and audio files not suported by quicktime.

5 Itunes

Most new Macs come with this app , but in case you don't have it or uninstalled it , this is a great way to burn CDs , watch video podcasts or listen to imported songs.

6 xchat Aqua

A handy app for connecting to chat rooms , such as IRC chats.

7 Audacity

Great free Audio Editor for those Audio File indusiasts.

8 Gimpshop and The Gimp

A free Alternative to Photoshop , also requires x11.

9 Inkscape

free alternative to Illistrator.

10 cyberDuck

A free handy way to access things on the web via FTP.

These are nearly the begining of the cream of the crop, next time I will doa windows version and later on a list on more Mac apps .

Happy Holidays

me by jeff

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2 Response to free mac apps

December 19, 2008 at 7:39 AM

Good suggestions. We like free, although some of the apps you called have much better paid alternatives, especially the creative apps, like Gimp and Inkscape. I guess if you can write off your expenses to your clients, paying for good software isn't such a bad thing, even if it's from Adobe, who charges much too much for its applications.

Jeff @CTNetcasts
December 19, 2008 at 10:00 AM

Oh I'll have a lot more lists to come later on , One with free Windows apps and a cheap or low cost list for both OSX and Windows , thanks for reading

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