A Thousand Drunken Monkey's

I don't generally like to talk about politics on my blog, but this is an exception.  The economic bailout for the lenders is getting so crazy and out of control.  I cannot beleive what this is turning into.  Apparently, the original bill passed was just for looks.  It allowed law makers to look like they were actually doing something, but it also allowed them the option to do nothing.  Right now, they are doing very little and therefore helping very little.  It was obviously just an election time ploy, which most likely culminated in some already rich people getting richer, and the american people getting little.

In hind sight I would have been more comfortable if the federal government had gotten a thousand monkeys drunk, got them some lawn darts, and gave the last survivor the ability to hand out the bailout money.  Monkey's atleast have the decency to not hide their intentions, when they start flinging poo it's time to run. Not to mention, if you do end up in the poor house the monkeys will help you get the bugs out of your hair.  That's something you can't say about any politician.

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1 Response to A Thousand Drunken Monkey's

Jeff @CTNetcasts
November 24, 2008 at 12:06 PM

Right on Jon , I think America would be better off just keeping to ourselfs in sertan over sas policies , being in debt to to many countrys is what started this all .

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