New Unreleased Power Point Features

I had the joy of listening to a great lecture on gathering requirements, and the speaker was from Microsoft.  The lecture was very good, but my favorite part was his demo of new power point features.  The new system is called pptPlex.  Basically, pptPlex combines some new user interface features, but mostly the ability to zoom.

The ability to zoom might sound that great, but when implemented via pptPlex it turns out to be quite amazing.  Plex allows a user to  create as many slides as needed, it then arranges them for you.  When you launch powerpoint you can see every one of your slides. They may seem extremely small, however human beings have a strange ability to be able to spot text by it's shape.  This means without reading the words on the slide you know which slide is which.  Now you just place your mouse above a slide and scroll,  you first zoom down to a four slide level and then can zoom down to a one slide level.  If you include numerous other things you can just keep on zooming.

Well you should really just try it for your self.  Download and install the pptFlex Plugin Here  http://www.officelabs.com/projects/pptPlex/Pages/default.aspx

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