Review of Spore Creatures for Nintendo DS

I got a Nintendo DS for my birthday; it was a surprise gift from my sister. I also got Spore Creatures (SC) and I'm hooked on the game, even though the graphics may not be top of the line.

As far as fun goes, SC is very addictive. You start out with one friend who ends up kidnapped by an alien, so you spend a good amount of the game getting stronger and evolving. During your adventure around the island you can pick up body parts of other creatures and make friends with some of those creatures. This is key to your survival because your friends help you during battle with other unfriendly creatures.

Once you defeat certain creatures you gain access to their nest and unblock caves that lead to new areas of the island. When you enter a cave, a save question will pop up, you can say yes and your progress will be saved. Saving during any point of the game can be accessed using the start button, which is also how you quit the game.

You can also save your creature designs/ evolving looks, you do this by choosing the burrowing icon.  Once you're in your nest tap around until a set of icons appears, among those icons is the creature creation icon. There you can evolve your creature and save your creature. Along the left side are body parts, the left side are various body part modifiers such as the size bar. Leveling up your character is as easy as eating plants or dead creatures you defeat in battle. Evolving is mostly done by changing your characters features in the creature creator, accessed via the nest.

Now go out and get this game if you own a DS.

Wrriten by Jeff  

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