Why you should buy HD DVD, NOW!

Strange things have been brewing since HD DVD was considered the loser of the format war. Blu-ray beat the drums of victory and probably did a horribly uncoordinated victory dance. How did this help the consumer? It didn't.

With the success of Blu-ray they found themselves the only high def option in the entire market, and many companies started selling off their entire stock of HD DVD players and movies. However, consumers didn't want to buy them even at extremely low prices. This allowed Sony to jack up the price of Blu-ray players, now not many people are buying those either.

In effect this created a market for a dump of HD DVD players and movies. You can buy the HD DVD add on for the Xbox 360 for $39.99 at frys online store with free shipping. You can buy box sets of movies at a %60 or more discount. This is creating conditions were HD DVD movies are becoming cheaper than DVDs in some cases.

I would advise everyone in the HD movie game to buy up as much HD DVD goodies as they can and ride the storm out until Blu-ray gets cheaper. I know that it's kind of tedious to deal in two formats, but you could save hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars and still enjoy HD video content. The increasing sales of HD DVD would also apply some heavy pressure on Sony forcing them to lower costs on blu-ray players.

Being poor I have realized the truth. People willing to deal with minor inconveniences, like hooking up two or three movie players, are the real winners when technology becomes obsolete. A person can have their cake and watch it in high definition too.

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October 2, 2008 at 10:38 AM

[...] have seen the light! After reading Jon’s blog post on the current situation with HD-DVD and Blu-ray, I decided that as a smart consumer buying movies in HD-DVD right now will save a lot [...]

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