SongBird 0.7.0 Beta

Let's get started by saying that this program is still in Beta, for those of you who don't know that means, it's not done.  Songbird is an amazing music platform, this is not your normal media player.  First of all, songbird is based on the Mozilla platform the same platform that Firefox is built on, and they share many similarities.   Songbird will perform normal music playing features, it will also organize music, and comes with the look and feel of Itunes.

The main feature that lets Songbird standout is it's constantly on-line nature, it is based on a web browser and has the ability to traverse the Internet just like one.  When you visit a page with music on it songbird will automatically pull in all tracks and place them in a play-list.  Songbird out of the box has buillt in search for websites like Skreemr, an mp3 index sight, so you search Skreemr for your favorite band,  it lists a page full of songs and then your listening to a play-list before you know it.  Songbird also has built-in links to music blogs particularly hype machine which is a blog of blogs so to speak.  This makes it very easy to discover new music or just find the bands you already love.  The other great feature of Songbird is that it has the very deep plug-in feature that Firefox also has,  on the Songbird add-on site you will find a lot of stuff to transform the look, feel, and functionality of songbird.

Songbird does have it's problems,  it crashes intermittently, it has no CD ripping capability, and some might find it hard to use the on-line elements.  Overall, I found this product extremely innovative and feature packed.  I can't wait for more stability and the ability to rip Cd's.

Songbird is open source and free.

download at http://getsongbird.com/

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