Bill Gates starring in indie film

After the launch of the new Microsoft advertisement, an indie film maker had to tap the wonderful talents of Bill Gates.  The director and writer of the film wishes to remain anonymous at this time, he says " Such a ground breaking film with the uncanny acting of Mr. Gates must remain a secret till it is finished", also stating he does not want the artistic integrity ruined by intrusive media.

However the anonymous director was able to give us a few details.  The movie will take place in a lonely Mexican barrio,  Bill Gates will be cast as a young, up and coming hip hop artist with an addiction to cocaine and alcohol.

We asked the obvious question,  why would Bill Gates take up an acting career ?  Anonymous Director : " Mr. Gates chose to take this role to prove that he is not just a one dimensional billionaire/philanthropist/ex-Microsoft CEO/ father/ husband.  He has many more talents that could do a lot more the world".

We then asked if Bill would be paid for his services. Director " Mr. Gates has required no monetary compensation however has just asked to be allowed to let his true gift be shown to the world.  So, that he could change the lives of so many under-privileged Mexicans, by portraying the heart break many of them face everyday."

Our anonymous director then teared up and could no longer continue the interveiwing stating that the sheer inspiration of Bill Gates portrayal of a young Mexican sometimes makes him cry uncontrollably. We have not received a name or release date for this movie.

Written by Jon

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